Welcome to The Wizard Of Oz™
The Wizard of Oz™  is a most iconic of film that needs no introduction and this atmospheric game takes you into Dorothy's dreamworld where you'll find all of your favourite (and not so favourite!) characters.

The Wizard of Oz™ game is now played,exclusively, at SlotsMagic® . All your favourite (and perhaps not so favourite) characters are here, and the game is faithful to the charm and captivation of this most glorious of films.

There are three exciting features to play each of which could deliver a big, big jackpot. If 3 Emerald City icons apear in view on reels 1, 3 and 5 then you are invited to choose one of the icons behind which will be one of three treats.
Even the regular reel game is an exciting journey into Dorothy's world, with plenty of small wins to keep a player ticking over. With appearances from all of Dorothy's gang, including Toto and those sparkly ruby slippers, it won't be long before you are humming THAT theme tune. It's off to see the Wizard..!

The Wizard of Oz™ is one of WMS's most prolific land based games. In fact, it's one of the most legendary games in existence, so much has been made about the launch of the first ever online The Wizard of Oz game, only at Jackpot Party.
The Wizard of Oz character originated in a series of books by American author L Frank Baum and further popularized by the classic 1939 movie (where his real name was never revealed).

The Wizard is one of the characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Unseen for most of the novel, he is the ruler of the Land of Oz and venerated by the locals. Thinking that he's the only man able of to solve their problems, Dorothy Gale travels to the Emerald City (the capital of Oz) to meet the Wizard. Oz isn't all that keen to meet them, but after some waiting they are allowed in. When the Wizard appears, it's always in a different guise. In one instance it's as a massive head, once as a fairy, once as ball of fire, and once as a terrifying monster.

Eventually, we find out that The Wizard of Oz is playing games, and is really just a regular bloke from Omaha, Nebraska, who has been using magic to fool those who visited him. Having turned up in his balloon whilst escaping from the circus, he found that Oz had no leader and promptly took on the job himself.

At the end of the book he leaves Oz in another balloon. Eventually (after a brief stint with the Scarecrow as ruler) Princess Ozma, is freed from the witch Mombi and she becomes the rightful queen

In Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, Oz explains that his actual name is Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. Realising that the initials game him a rather unflattering nickname he abbreviated it to simply 'Oz'.
History Of The Wizard Of Oz™
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Bonus Rounds
Will it be the OZ PICK FEATURE, where you will receive an instant cash win?

Or will you take a magical journey down the Yellow Brick Road intself, where you'll be choosing a number of lucky boxes inside which will be cash or exciting mini-games with the Scarecrow, Tin Man or the Cowardly Lion (put 'em up, put 'em upppp...!). The journey ends with a visit to the Emerald City, where the Wizard himself adds an attractive top-up to your win!

You may be lucky enough to select the WINGED MONKEY™ WILD feature, where, during a number of spins, a number of wins suddenly become WILD. Very big wins could result, Wizard of Oz™ fans!

And that's not all. GLINDA THE GOOD WITCH™ may appear during a spin and magically make entire reels WILD! In you get 4 reels wild then even on small stakes you are guaranteed multiple 5-in-a-row spins; if you play 20 lines then that's a big, big win for sure.